Abrasive Wheels


This course aims to enable the participant with the skills necessary for the safe use of abrasive wheels equipment and raises awareness of the associated safety requirements. This course is ideally suited to individuals who have not used abrasive wheels equipment or for those who have been using abrasive wheels for some time and are in need of a refresher course.

Course Content

  • Health and Safety Law and relevant regulations
  • Hazards associated with the use of abrasive wheels
  • Types and designs of wheels
  • Inspections, testing and storage
  • Mounting of wheels
  • Ensuring a safe Working environment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safe use of abrasive wheels including safety signs and warnings
  • After use checks
  • Question paper- to demonstrate candidates knowledge
  • Practical demonstration in the correct use of equipment

Course Benefits

After completing the course participants should be able to demonstrate their skills in the safe use of abrasive wheels equipment as well as gained knowledge of Health and Safety Law and relevant regulations. They should know of the correct personal protective equipment to use when working with abrasive wheels, be aware of safety signs and their meanings and above all, ensure a safe working environment.


4 hours


£30 + Vat per delegate


Brian 07792658163 or brian@pro-activesafety.co.uk